At Aurora IT, we understand how difficult it is to meet growing business needs and infrastructure costs. Our unique methodology on integrating tools with smart applications leverages your entire IT resources to produce higher levels of performance while reducing the costs to a greater extent. This innovative concept utilizes every asset to its optimal level and thereby reduces infrastructure costs and hardware space. Fewer assets within your infrastructure reduce the complexity of the business processes and increases productivity and service levels to a greater extent. 

Virtualization technologies from Aurora IT Consulting have several benefits in terms of efficiency, service levels, reliability, security and maintenance costs. While there is a greater flexibility to dynamically update your technology to meet emerging demands, the transparency in the process reduces the complexity of the technology.


The server technology is the backbone of any business infrastructure. At Aurora IT, we understand this and use the best quality equipment the industry has to offer. Our highly experienced technical team with decades of combined hands-on experience offer highly scalable server solutions that implement virtualization technology to optimize IT resources and reduce infrastructure costs.  We partner with Dell and HP to achieve these goals.

Storage is a critical component in the end-to-end enterprise. It enhances server capabilities and dynamically protects your company’s hard-earned data. Our storage solutions lower overall IT infrastructure costs and improve efficiency, enabling you to:

Store more data on less hardware across the data center
Scale performance and capacity as needs evolve
Protect data from downtime and disaster
Improve productivity

We offer new levels of innovation with:

Industry-leading deduplication and compression algorithms
Patented high-performance and highly scalable Dell Fluid File System (FluidFS)
World-class virtualization support and integration with VMware
Embedded system intelligence
Advanced, intelligent auto-tiering
Reduce the time it takes to restore a server from 20 hours to 20 minutes by shrinking your volumes with deduplication and compression. Cut capacity requirements in half with thin provisioning, snapshots and replication. Save up to 60 percent of your storage budget.

More than a decade ago, VMware introduced the VMware vSphere® virtualization platform to help businesses reduce IT complexity and cost. Now VMware is third among all global businesses on the Forbes “Most Innovative Companies” list. By enabling faster, easier application and resource provisioning, VMware and VMware partner technologies increase IT and business agility. They improve IT control by delivering an elastic pool of compute, storage, and networking resources through software. And they eliminate operational inefficiencies, so your organization can finally reassign existing IT resources from maintenance projects to business-building innovation. But everyone who relies on technology knows that change is constant. That is why VMware and the extensive VMware partner network offer a practical and evolutionary approach to accelerating IT in the mobile-cloud era. Across the data center to the virtual workspace, VMware and the VMware ecosystem are advancing the following key imperatives for the Software-Defined Enterprise:

  • Software-defined data center – Extending the cost and operational benefits of server virtualization to all data center infrastructure—compute, networking, security, and storage—through an open architectural approach; also using automation that enables IT to move at the speed of business
  • Hybrid cloud – Delivering a common management, orchestration, networking, and security model that seamlessly extends the data center to the cloud and supports existing and next-generation applications to increase agility
  • Mobility – Bringing the freedom, flexibility, and management advantages of virtualization to organizations that need to support on-the-go, multidevice users

Keeping your business up and running at all times is critical. Businesses today require 24/7 access to data, efficient management of exploding data growth, and little tolerance for downtime and data loss. Aurora IT has partnered with Veeam to provide Enterprise Grade Backup & Disaster Recovery to businesses of all types and sizes.

  • High-Speed Recovery: Enables low recovery time objectives (RTOs) of < 15 minutes; enables rapid recovery of the data customers want, in the form that they want it
  • Data Loss Avoidance: Avoids data loss by enabling low recovery point objectives (RPOs ) of < 15 minutes, and by facilitating off-site data protection
  • Verified Protection: Ensures that files, applications, and virtual servers can be reliably restored when needed; ensures business resiliency through automated backup and DR testing
  • Leveraged Data: Eliminates the risks associated with application deployment, configuration changes, and other testing scenarios; allows testing of changes in a production-like environment before actually deploying them
  • Complete Visibility: Provides monitoring and alerting tools so that you can discover and be alerted to issues and potential problems in your IT environment before they have a significant impact on your operations

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Cloud9 Recovery combines Enterprise Class Continuous Data Protection replication, networking, cloud and virtualization technologies to deliver a fully managed DRaaS solution. Cloud9 Recovery provides everything (hardware/software/services) you’ll need to make sure your systems are safe, secure and will be there when you need them most. Cloud9 Recovery makes it possible for you to failover into our cloud data center and continue business until the natural or manmade disaster has been resolved.  Aurora IT has partnered with Cloud9 Teknologies to provide the best possible Disaster Recovery Solution on the Market. 

Click here to learn about how Aurora IT leverages Cloud9 Recovery for its Disaster Recovery Solution.

Here are certain key elements of our virtualization services:

  • Infrastructure virtualization and management
  • Consolidation of resources
  • Server optimization and maintenance
  • Optimized networking solutions
  • Automated processes
  • Cloud infrastructure

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